1. A Clean Pad, A Healthy Pad: Be sure to keep your Pad clean from which you are working. Use a pad cleaning brush or make it wash with a bucket system. Remember to change pads regularly. Do 2 to 3 cars minimum from 1 pad. If you are willing to buy a car polishing buffer pads you should check this link and get one for yourself. 


    2. Prime the pad. The priming pad is one of the most important parts of polishing. Especially when you take a new/fresh pad, make it Prime for sure. Priming the pad refers to applying the product to the entire work surface of the pad that will be in contact with the paint. Priming the pad ensures that none of the pad is dry when it’s in contact with the paint. See these beautiful koch chemie micro cut purple pad for best finishing. 

    Let the machine do the work. Too much pressure actually slows pad rotation, which can steal away defect removing ability and lead to the generation of harmful heat.

    Best Pads gives you the best results in polishing.


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