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The complete ceramic detail of the Porsche 911 turbo was provided to that specific Porsche 911 Turbo, one of just 100,50.

It took a lot of time and effort for the owner to reconstruct the vehicle and decided to see the completed product going.

We took a four-day ceramic detail from this Porsche 911 turbo to re-enact it. Every minute was worth it. At every angle the car is incredible.

In this specific respect, we took the following measures, which were used as usual in any vehicle, before implementing our special package of information, with our standard planning phase

Stadium of preparation

  1. Full clean washing
  2. Bar for clay
  3. De-tar Removal of water location
  4. Drop Iron Iron
  5. Review of paint depth
  6. Inspection of the Color Range Index (CRI)
  7. Correction of 1,2 or 3-step paint
  8. Wiping panel
  9. 24 hour treatment period coating application
  10. Rinse and dry pure water

Then we carried out the following package: Exclusive Detail Signature and Ceramic Coatings

Car Cosmic is a cutting-edge 3-stage self-healing sealant for optimal safety and polish, growing hydrophobic properties and increasing longevity.

window seal – 35,000 km guaranteed

Wheel seal, callipers will be screened as well.

Taper seal repels soil and moisture scotch guard

Leather baking and anti-abrasive density lock colour. The dressing agent is designed to substitute missing moisture and defends against abrasion, colour transmission and UV radiation

This packet includes both the above and all painted areas of the car, i.e. door shuts and centre console, for vehicle washing. This product is intended for customers who want the detail of the pinnacle or show/competitions. Buy best ceramic coating for car at best ever prices. 


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