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As with ceramic coatings and almost any other sealant on the market, it is crucial to properly prep the vehicle’s surface before installation. Here’s are the steps we recommend before installing a graphene coating.

Detailed wash:

A clay bar paint decontamination

A chemical decontamination

A least a two-stage paint correction

Clean the panel with a degreaser

Don’t have time for all that? At the very least use a high-quality car wash using three detailing buckets (wash, rinse, and wheels dedicated buckets) and then clay bar the entire vehicle to remove imperfections before using a graphene coating or graphene spray coating. It would be best if you never put a sealant, coating, or wax on top of contaminants or old coatings. Once a graphene (or ceramic) coating is applied, it will be there for a long time and so will any imperfections underneath. Also see car paint ceramic coating at best price. So take the time and do the prep work before you apply a coating for optimal results. 


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