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Detailing Studio + Detailing Training + Certificate + Machines + Products

  1. To start a detailing business, you will need a minimum 1000sq—Ft carpet area to at-least park two cars together.
  2. The site/shop should be constructed with a false ceiling.
  3. Water connection, drainage, and electricity line are must use.
  4. At-least 2 men’s power should be needed at the initial business stage.
  5. Detailing studios should have dark interiors for a better light path.
  6. Spotlights help a detailer to find swirls.

After finalizing the studio, the second most crucial part is Car Detailing Training.

You’ve to take training from professionals. Car Cosmic is India’s most trusted detailing training centre that has completed 100+ successful pieces of training. Car Cosmic is running their car detailing studio, so they’ve experienced customer queries, and they have detailed knowledge about products and equipment. Car Cosmic was established in 2016 and successfully runs B2B and B2C businesses. Car Cosmic is most experienced in the detailing industry. You see best car  detailing tool online and buy it at wholesale rates. 

Car Cosmic gives training in all aspects of business, like how to do detailing, guide you to buy appropriate tools & Products, Hands-on training, managing staff, promotion of your studio, business conversation with customers, managing storeroom, and a lot more.


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