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difference between ceramic coating and paint protection film

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is Sio2 based on the liquid that is made of silica and other ingredients. We can directly apply that on any automotive painted surface. 

Ceramic coating is also known as a nano-ceramic coating. Nano narrates the size of the molecules.

It measures up to 100 nanometers.

Tiny particles of the nano-ceramic coating make a bond with the paint surface which gives protection against environmental conditions and many more. It gives a slippery and high gloss effect to the surface, that slippery effect known as coating hydrophobic effect. That makes easy cleaning of routine.

What is Paint Protection Film?

PPF is a thermoplastic urethane film fixed on top of the painted surface. Usually, it comes in clear but car owners can buy it in different colors if they wish.

Generally, PPF comes in two types: 1) self-healing & 2) Non-self-healing.

It is made from a pliable elastomeric polymer material, which maintains a natural shape while applied. It cans ‘Self-heal’ of swirl marks and light scratches by itself.

PPF can be applied only by a professional car detailer.

Different level of Protection:

Ceramic Coating Vs Paint Protection Film(PPF)

Ceramic Coating helps to make cleaning easier. That gives high gloss to your paint as well as generates hydrophobicity on paint.

While, PPF helps to protect your vehicle from damage by small debris like pebbles, dust, and other debris kicked up due to traffic and blowing wind. Consider – PPF does not make your car bulletproof, but if small rocks and other small particles hit your car, it’s less chance to damage your hit paint surface.


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