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Here at Car cosmic we pride ourselves on arming our customer with not only the best available car care products, but also with the knowledge needed to use those products as well as extensive product descriptions on each individual product page. 

But sometimes, reading and watching just isn’t enough – you really need to get your hands dirty to learn detailing. This is your personal detailing instruction manual covering all car care topics: polishing, ceramic coating, Paint protection film, waxing, washing, cleaning wheels and tires, convertible top care, and more.

We make you learn how to do? & Why to do? These detailing how-to’s are written from the combined experiences of our staff as well as tips provided by customers, professional detailers, and industry leaders in car care. We constantly update our how to guides to provide you with the latest tips and products as we learn about them.


The course is recommended for both new and experienced detailers looking to take their business to the next level and separate themselves from the competition. The course’s curriculum is customized for each trainee based on level of experience, type of clients, and service focus.


Detailing Business setup, operations and marketing strategies.

Vehicle check-in, inspection, estimating, and service diagnosis.

Up-selling add-on services Express, Standard, and Deluxe detailing services including all aspects of:

Vehicle prep Interior cleaning and dressing.

Exterior cleaning and dressing.

Engine bay cleaning and dressing.

One, two, and three-stage polishing services using forced rotation and dual action polishers.

Ceramic Coating Application and Maintenance.

Oxidation, scratch, and water spot removal.

Wet color sanding by hand and machine.

Show car paint finishing

Sealant and protective paint coating application.

Glass Polishing & coating application.

Carpet and upholstery stain removal.

Smoke and odor neutralization.

Trim restoration services.

Headlight restoration services.

Paint Protection Film Application.

Wrapping Application.

Final inspection and delivery of vehicle.

+ more!

The Opportunity Is Waiting For You.

The Auto appearance industry is seeing some drastic changes today within the automotive industry in general. Consumers are holding onto their vehicles much longer than ever before and understand the importance of keeping the appearance cosmetically maintained and protected. They are seeking-out trained and certified auto detailing professionals who can keep their vehicles looking great and surfaces protected year-round. You will be providing specialized auto detailing services to individual’s vehicles that expect superior results. Our instruction, training programs and on-going coaching and mentoring will keep you on top of your game and well ahead of your competition. Your goal should be the same as ours is – To Be the Very Best of the Best! We will help you achieve this goal by enrolling in one of our auto detailing training programs.

Auto Detailing Training Institute.

Our training programs are structured to teach you a great deal of information in a short period of time.

Hundreds of satisfied graduates living the dream of owning and operating their own successful auto detailing business.

We provide best brands & Professional Detailing certificate after training.

Eco friendly auto detailing equipment, supplies, procedures and product knowledge.

Extraordinary customer support and on-going technical advice available seven days a week.

Several competitively priced auto detailing business start-up packages that includes superior products and equipment.

Advanced Hands-On Auto Detailing Training.

While anyone can purchase a bottle of wax and a polisher, operating a successful detailing business takes specific training and skills – knowledge of vehicles, automotive paint systems, detailing chemicals, auto detailing equipment, proper car detailing techniques, salesmanship, marketing and much more. Car Cosmic offers the car care industry’s most comprehensive, hands-on training program for professional auto detailing.

Whether you are a long-time veteran detailer or just starting out in the car detailing industry, hands-on auto detailing training at car cosmic will help you learn the skills you need to run a successful and efficient detailing operation. In addition to proper techniques and standard operating procedures for all stages of auto detailing, you’ll also learn the tips, tricks and secrets of professional auto detailers enabling you to work more effectively and more efficiently!

Whether you have a mobile or fixed shop auto detail operation, Car Cosmic hands-on training course for professional auto detailing provides the instruction you need to build a successful detailing business.

Complete instruction in the 6 categories of detail chemicals and their proper use:




Ceramic Coating



Comprehensive Demonstration on The Art of High Speed Buffing:

When and where to use a high speed polisher

Chemical selection

Paint technology

Pad selection

Proper buffing techniques to prevent swirls and burns

Oxidation and scratch removal

Maintenance and care of equipment and pads

Polishing Techniques:

Proper use of the Rotary & DA polishers

Complete training on orbital polishing procedures

Oxidation and scratch removal




Ceramic coating

Interior cleaning

Maintenance and care of equipment and pads

Interior Cleaning:

Leather cleaning and conditioning

Fabric cleaning

Carpet and mat cleaning

Vinyl cleaning and protection

Plastic cleaning and protection

Carpet and fabric protection

Spot cleaning

Odor neutralizing

Exterior Cleaning:

Understanding paint technology

The art of glass cleaning

Rubber and plastic trim protection and restoration

Wheel cleaning and precautions

Discussion of proper cleaning and protection for convertible tops.