Ceramic Coating


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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a nano protective layer on your car or bike to prevent from bird drops, UV Rays, Minor scratches, color fade, iron particles, dust, Pollution and dirt.

Chemistry & Chemical Structure of ceramic and glass coating.

Basically use Sio2 and Tio2 silica in ceramic coatings.

What makes our ceramic and glass coating technology different than others?

Earlier people used to do Wax and Teflon based polymer coating on their paint. But with the generation and new technology our automotive industry invented nano technology glass coating and ceramic coating. Which is much better than traditional waxes. Nano technology based liquid glass coating stays up-to 10 years on vehicle paint. Our new generation Nano-Bionic ceramic technology mimics nature’s rose Effect, the rose effect refers to self-cleaning properties that are a result of ultra-hydrophobicity as reveal by the leaves of rose flower. Our unique Nano-Bionic technology is an interdisciplinary combination of nano and biological technologies.

Nano Technology Ceramic Coating:

Nano means extremely small, compose of the smallest particles. The protective nanolayer is only 6-7 μ which is a millionth of a millimeter and much thinner than human hair still protects like strong shield on vehicle paint.

Ceramic coating also known as self cleaning technology in automobile industry.

You can also use car polish machine for internal and external cleaning.

Ceramic coating creates a water and dirt repellent last long durability Nano protective layer on your car and bike surface.

CARCOSMIC 9H and 10H ceramic coating is easy application product, Use it as per guidance. 50 ml bottle is enough to do 2 sedan cars.

Multiple coats are not necessary but it’s good if any one wish to do.

What is 9H and 10H Hardness?

Hardness scale is used in coating industry to discover paint hardness, “H” is capacity of a coated surface to resist scratching, this is something which balance between hardness and flexibility.

Deep Gloss Super Shiny.

Our ceramic coating gives deep wet look luster which attracts every one eyes on the vehicle being treated by Ceramic Glass nano coating.

Hydrophobicity effect:

Our 10H ceramic glass coating creates amazing hydrophobic nature on car paint; which makes cleaning easier and which is water and dust repellent. Just dry dusting is enough for the treated car.

Transform your Car and bike into Super Glossy Shiny one with Best Ceramic and Titanium Glass Coating !!

Ceramic Coating adds that perfect shine to your car. It is utterly necessary for your car. Just like glass protection films are necessary for your mobile phones, Traditional waxing is a temporary polish to your car, it cannot protect the paint and external surface like Ceramic Coating. Ceramic Coating is more to an ordinary paint which not only protects your car but also maintain hydrophobic nature on Car and bike Exterior and also increases gloss more than showroom condition which makes it a better return of your investment.

The main benefit of Ceramic/Glass coating is it protects the exterior of your car from minor scratches, acidic agents, UV damage and blistering sunlight and makes it convenient for you to wash off the mud and dirt that sticks to the outer surface of your vehicle. Longevity, Protection, Beauty and Safety, this is what you bless your car with when you choose Glass Coating and Ceramic coating.. All you need is a light buff and gloss once you apply Nanotechnology Ceramic Coating, which is far better than traditional wax and polymer wax.
We have products from CARCOSMIC 10H Ceramic Coating which is very much known to the automobile industry and it gives 10H hardness to your paint and protects paint up-to 10 years! Get expert advice from CARCOSMIC team and know which kind of ceramic and glass coating will better suit your vehicle.

Best Products to keep your Best Ceramic Coating

We are always in search of new product to serve our customer best. In today’s polluted environment it’s really necessary to keep our vehicle damage free. Every car owner dream is to protect them car with the best products, and making their dream come true is our passion. With self-healing coating applied to cars in making; all you need to do is take proper care of the surface paint with a best ceramic glass coating.
Always buy premium car shampoo and cleaner for your car which will maintain your treated ceramic for last long. The micro-fiber cloth and sponge pad applicators will assist you in getting that perfect clean.

We introduced ceramic coatings and glass coating in India and we have the best ceramic coatings for cars and bike.
Ceramic Coatings made of a Silica or a Quartz Silane based polish which makes deep chemical bonding with paint structure. Ceramic coatings for cars are harder (9H and 10H hardness) compared to other paint protection products such as waxes or sealants and polymer.

Need a help for Ceramic coating business or Application?
You don’t know how to apply ceramic coating? Even you don’t know in which business you should invest your valuable money? Don’t worry! We are here to help you for all queries. Please contact us with email